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To Begin A New Year

1 Jan

Waking up this morning I found myself thinking of all of the things coming up this year that I am looking forward to. For the most part this is not usually how I wake up. Normally I find myself thinking of all the things I need to get accomplished, all the steps that need to be taken to get to that next phase.
This year Logan and Bella will be four and two. Scott and I will celebrate our sixth anniversary. Logan will start junior kindergarten. Big things, big steps that we will be taking as a family. And I am so excited.
In the past I have always been pushing for that next phase, expecting the next step in my life to be the one that leaves me feeling satisfied with where I’m at. Finishing high school, finishing college, getting a job, getting married, getting a house, having a baby, having another baby, renovating the house, getting a family vehicle. We have gone through all these phases. There are more ahead of us, but I’m not rushing to meet them. I’m ok with where we are and what we have. In fact I’m very happy with my life right now.
On this first day of a new year I resolve to be happy with all the wonderful aspects of my life. To stop waiting for the next step and live in the moment. I love my kids and my husband and my life is perfect. This year and for all that lay ahead of me I am going to appreciate the most important thing I have, my family.
Happy New Year!


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