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4 May

Bella was a serious baby. That is what I said when people would coo and smile at her and she would stare back at them. Face unmoving, expression the same, if not slightly annoyed looking. That’s not to say she never smiled or was unhappy. She would certainly giggle and was very able to engage. Most of her time was spent looking very, well, serious.

If you met her now you would strongly doubt my ability to recall past events. Not only will she smile at you, if you so much as make eye contact you are getting an earful. That child can talk, and talk, and talk. Yes, yes insert chuckle here. She is, with absolute certainty, her mother’s daughter.

Lying awake last night I got to thinking about my previously serious girl. And I think I’ve solved it, the mystery of those glaring eyes. That look that said she had you figured out. She was known to give THE look. You know that unimpressed woman, irritated girlfriend, frustrated Mama look. She would stare you down, my girl had THE look down before her first birthday. I believe I now know why. She wanted to tell us what she saw. What she heard. What she knew. She was aching to share her thoughts with us, and she was downright pissed that she couldn’t get the words out.

She has so much to say. So many observations, questions and even more corrections (yes another chuckle here, I know me to a T). “Bella could you grab your jacket please?” “Do you mean coat Mama?” Oops yes I meant coat. “Bell where is that pink ball?” “Mom, its orange” If her sneeze is not immediately met with a “Bless you Bell” she will remind me, promptly.

That’s my little lady. She knows what she wants, and how she wants it. And there is no way you can escape her telling you EVERY SINGLE thought she has.

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