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Christmas Crazies – Help Me

6 Dec

I normally try to keep ahead of whats going on and coming up. I like to make lists and charts and be prepared for variables. All year I think OK I am going to keep an eye out for potential Christmas gifts, I am not going to cram all that spending into one or two months. The my what-if monster creeps in ans says yeah this gift looks good know but WHAT-IF there is something better down the road? Don’t get it now just wait and see. Then POOF it’s December and I am feeling overwhelmed by all the things I am trying to keep track of in my head. I forget the plans I had and all of the list making skills I possess the other eleven months of the year evaporate. I’m scatter brained, I can’t keep track of anything and I’m pretty sure I’m a bit more short with the people around me than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love all that it involves, parties, family, gifts, decorations, FOOD. It’s great, but for whatever reason my normal brain leaves my head at this time of year. For that reason I am having a hard time focusing on posts I would like to write. I get ideas and they sit for a moment then I lose the intensity that I usually have while writing. Normally when I go to write a post I sit down, thoughts pouring out of me. I write and everything I think comes out and hits the ‘page’. But right now an idea comes then is melted away by some other distraction. So frustrating. And so the purpose of this quick blurb is to ask you for ideas. What should I ramble on about next? Is there some discussion you would like to have? Can I throw my thoughts on that topic out? Tell me! Chat with me right here on this page through that little meebo box up in the right hand corner, message me on facebook, twitter or email. Please give me something to work with. I love to go on and on, you know that, I just don’t know what to go on about right now. Thanks!

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