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Chit Chat

10 Dec

On the days when I need to make some calls, once I have gotten the kids fed and dressed and off playing somewhere I like to sit down and get my calls done.
My children have an extra sensory perception which allows them to instantaneously detect when my attention is needed elsewhere, even if it wasn’t focused on them to begin with.
I begin dialing and Logan’s radar starts beeping. He is immediately before me, “Mom? Mom? Mommy? MOM!?” I like to respond to this approach with maturity and a real mothers touch so I reply, “Logan? Logan? Logan? Logan?” He squints and rubs his eyes, a move he makes when he is embarrassed or trying to hold back a smile, the smile breaks through. He recognizes that I am mimicking him, he thinks it’s funny and sees why I am doing it. He thinks for a moment and then says… “Mom?”
Bella, never one to be left out, has been climbing onto my lap while the momming has been taking place. She perches on my stomach. Sticks her finger in my mouth while I try to talk to whomever it is on the phone, then jabs a finger in my eye. She then gets really close to my face, looks me right in the eye, smiles her biggest eight-toothiest smile, and in her sweetest, softest little girl voice says, “Hiiiii”
*sigh* How can I really be mad at any of this? They are too sweet, I just shouldn’t be trying to communicate with the outside world…obviously.
If you are ever interested in witnessing this phenomenon you should try Skyping us, they go bananas when they can see the person I am talking to, and more importantly when they realize that the person can see them.


Yes I know I can’t draw.


Christmas Crazies – Help Me

6 Dec

I normally try to keep ahead of whats going on and coming up. I like to make lists and charts and be prepared for variables. All year I think OK I am going to keep an eye out for potential Christmas gifts, I am not going to cram all that spending into one or two months. The my what-if monster creeps in ans says yeah this gift looks good know but WHAT-IF there is something better down the road? Don’t get it now just wait and see. Then POOF it’s December and I am feeling overwhelmed by all the things I am trying to keep track of in my head. I forget the plans I had and all of the list making skills I possess the other eleven months of the year evaporate. I’m scatter brained, I can’t keep track of anything and I’m pretty sure I’m a bit more short with the people around me than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love all that it involves, parties, family, gifts, decorations, FOOD. It’s great, but for whatever reason my normal brain leaves my head at this time of year. For that reason I am having a hard time focusing on posts I would like to write. I get ideas and they sit for a moment then I lose the intensity that I usually have while writing. Normally when I go to write a post I sit down, thoughts pouring out of me. I write and everything I think comes out and hits the ‘page’. But right now an idea comes then is melted away by some other distraction. So frustrating. And so the purpose of this quick blurb is to ask you for ideas. What should I ramble on about next? Is there some discussion you would like to have? Can I throw my thoughts on that topic out? Tell me! Chat with me right here on this page through that little meebo box up in the right hand corner, message me on facebook, twitter or email. Please give me something to work with. I love to go on and on, you know that, I just don’t know what to go on about right now. Thanks!

Good List

13 Jun

This is going to be an ongoing list of things that I love, that make me happy. Its not going to be in any kind of order. I will start it now and think of things later and I am not about to try to add things in where they measure up on how happy they make me.

A half asleep Logan uttering love you too when I whisper I love you late at night

Bella’s version of a kiss which involves a fully open mouth getting slobber all over my face when I ask for a kiss

The way Bella shakes and squeals in excitement when Scott gets home from work, Logan’s excited run across the house yelling Daddy’s home!

How just about every story Logan tells these days starts with , “Remember?” As in, Remember? We were at the bowling alley and I was bowling

When Bella is sitting on the couch after her bath and I go to the kitchen to get something and when I come back she has fallen onto her side passed out cold

Fresh sheets

The chocolate chip cookies Scott makes. With more butter, chocolate chips and sugar than the recipe calls for an just slightly under cooked

Glee   Cougar Town   Modern Family   The relationship between Booth and Bones on Bones

Any country song about a parents love for their children

A twinkling Christmas tree, a crackling fire and snuggling with my babies talking about how excited we are for Santa to come

The little embarrassed face Logan sometimes gets now that he can feel embarrassed

The way Bella’s face lights up when I cheer for her, when she dances or walks or chats in her baby way

The pride in Logan’s face when he realizes he can do something he couldn’t before

A fresh salsa riddled with cilantro

When Logan puts on his new sunglasses and says, “I’m a dude”

Logan puts his arm around Bella and says let me hold you. Hugs her and says I love you Lella

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