Terry Fox According to Logan

16 Oct

This wasn’t my plan for today but Logan told me a story and it was just too long for a Facebook comment.

This is his first year of school. He’s learning new things every day that he goes. Some things, sayings and personality traits I don’t love. Other things, a true love of learning, a fascination with books and the library, and a brand new layer of little boy confidence, I love.

Recently, the Terry Fox run took place. Although he was not there for the run itself they did a walk around the school and learned a little bit about the fundraiser and Terry Fox. It is my assumption that from what knowledge the children gained they have talked about it amongst themselves. Logan informed me today of the story of Terry Fox, and how he’s going to come back to life.

According to my little monkey it goes like this,

“Terry Fox had cancer in his leg. So they took off his cancer leg and put on a pretend leg. But he died from the cancer. We raise money so the doctors can make medicine for Terry Fox. The doctors give him the medicine and make him chew it up and go into his tummy. Then the cancer goes away. When the cancer goes away they can take off the pretend leg and put his real leg back on ’cause the cancer is all gone. Then he comes back to life.”

I sat there, staring at him. What do I say to this. I tried to explain that the money we raise is for doctors to make medicine for cancer but that when someone dies they can’t come back. He is adamant that the medicine will bring Terry back.

A statement he likes to make these days is something along the lines of, “I’ll do/say it the way I want to.” As in it may be incorrect but he is going to continue to do it his way. Someone suggested this to him and it has been a struggle for me ever since. I prefer correctness. I prefer his confidence even more so I’ve walked a thin line for some time now.


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